Welcome to XPAN Financial Services Ltd!

            We fight poverty, through enabling people in micro-enterprise development by offering loans to capable but improvished enterprenuers

Our Mission

            To help relieve poverty in Tanzania by providing sustainable growth opportunities for small entrepreneurs by helping them grow their small businesses and create jobs.

Our Objective

            Xpan Financial Services Ltd was incorporated in 2010 with the objective of making micro loans available to struggling impoverished enterprising men, women and the youth that require a bit of a boost in the form of small cash injection. In most of the communities, many of these people, do not qualify for any kinds of loans and our micro finance program is changing all that. Women & men with bright ideas and no money can come to us for seed money and turn a dream into a reality ! the loans we provide help the ventures to grow rapidly, improve the quality of lives of recipients and their families, and permanently transform the benefiting local communities in Tanzania.